Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Mediterranean Sashimi

White Tuna Sashimi with Aubergine Salsa and Roasted Red Pepper Sauce
I am working in Cyprus now, and I enjoy developing a cuisine based on Japanese techniques
and of course I use many Mediterranean ingredients.

Recipe websites

Sometimes when I'm looking for ideas and recipes I use these Sites...
Give them a try, there's loads of great ideas out there!!!

Sushi in Cyprus

about menus

The menu Poem

The process we follow each day
To construct a menu in such a way
So many aspects we contemplate
Before the food arrives at the plate
Think of the season
The weather
The colours of the food
The room the dishes will be served and it’s mood
The plates, their shapes…colours, and textures
The number of dishes to be served
The way the dishes will be eaten
The techniques to be employed
The raw…
The boiled
The sautéed
The fried
The pickled
The marinated
The sliced
The smashed, the mashed, the Crushed
The personality of the guest
Their religion
Their culture
The style of cuisine
The flow of flavours…from the delicate to the rich
From the simple to the complex
Subtle connotations that dishes purvey
The names given to the dishes
The poetry of it all
The way the menu reads…the choice of words…
The power of suggestion and how it will tantalise
The economics
The size of the portions
The cost and availability of the ingredients
The frame of mind of the chef
The mood of the guest… and our ability to understand it
To contemplate a masterpiece,
To provide the simple human petrol that sustains life
So much thought of the pleasures of the table…
The steps we go though day to day
As our thoughts assist the birth of the menu
Bon appetite.